Cookie policy

Cookie policy

Web-site owner details

Web-site owner ( LLC Severstal Aircompany, legal address : 162693, Vologda region, Cherepovets district, Botovo village, e-mail address:

What is a cookie file?

Cookie is a small file uploaded into User’s device while uploading certain site contents. Cookie files contain the data about the User and the way he/she uses the site (connection IP-address, time, duration and so on), and the data about User's activities at the site. After cookie file has been saved at your device, the site can recognize you and your current device.

Why are cookie files necessary and what is their function?

The site of our aircompany uses different groups of cookies :

First group includes functional and service cookies. Such cookies let the Site server get information regarding the User’s session, its language, browser etc and allow the Site operate its full scope. These files help to recognize you at the moment when you come to the site. This allows us to customize the Site contents for your needs remembering your preferences.

The second group includes analytical cookie files, which help to estimate and calculate the number of visitors and analyze their navigation route at site. This helps us to improve the Site operation, for example in the way to optimize search of required sections making it easy and efficient. We use Yandex analytical tools to analyze the visitors’ activities. Metrics and Google Analytics. You have a right to refuse using the analytical cookies, making respective settings in your web-browser.

Cookie files storage period

In terms of cookie files storage period at the users’ devices, cookie files are divided into Permanent and Session cookies:

“Session cookies” are the files stored at your device till you close your browser.

“Permanent cookies” shall be stored at your device during their whole validity period or till you decide to delete them.

Additional information about analytical cookie files

Our site uses analytical tools by Google Inc. and Yandex for statistics gathering which are provided in accordance with the service rendering rules of those companies.

These services are used to estimate activities of the visitors and prepare the corresponding reports to serve the interests of the Site owner. It is almost impossible to identify you personally, though the above-mentioned actions do not guarantee your data shall remain anonymous.

Refusal from cookie files

When you first come to the Site you have a right to refuse using the cookie files.

You can change browser settings in order to refuse using the new cookie-files, delete the current cookies and receive the information every time new cookies are forwarded to your device. Please, follow the links to read additional information on how to disable cookies in the most popular browsers:

You can also disable using the analytical cookies Google Analytics in case you download and set additional tools:

Blockers are plugins for your browser. They block cookies placement at the visitor's PC and limit data submission to Yandex. Metrics and Google Analytics.

We must warn you that in case you constantly prohibit using the cookie files you might have problems while browsing certain sites.

Policy changing

If required, our cookie policy can be changed. You can find the latest confidentiality policy at our site at

The latest revision was done on the 11th of October 2018.