Обязанности пассажира

In accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations "General Rules of Air Carriage of Passengers, Baggage, Freight and Requirements to Servicing Passengers, Shippers, Consignees” approved by the order of The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation №82 on June 28, 2007, the firearms transportation must be coordinated with the airline.


  • Firearms and ammunition cannot be transported if the transportation was not coordinated with the Airline when booking a passenger seat.
  • Passengers transporting firearms must arrive for check-in no later than 1 hour 30 minutes before departure and show the firearms to be transported.
  • Firearms of the passengers having the appropriate permit for the right to keep and bear firearms must be handed in at the departure airport for temporary storage for the duration of the flight and are returned to the owners at the destination airport.
  • Firearms accepted for transportation must be discharged and packed in the passenger`s container (cases, holsters, special cases, jackets) and must meet the requirements of safety and firearms preservation and be packed separately from ammunitions.
  • When transporting firearms passenger must have a permit for the right to keep and bear firearms. When firearms are transported to/from the territory of the Russian Federation or through the territory of the Russian Federation, passenger must have a permit for import/export of firearms.
  • In addition to import / export of arms to / from the territory of the Russian passenger must have a permit for the import / export of arms.
  • When exporting weapons out of the country of departure airport, passenger additionally imposes representative Airlines documents permitting the import of weapons into the country of destination airport and airports of the country of transit / transfer.
  • Weapons and ammunition are transported free of charge if the only place the passenger checked baggage (not any other luggage) and do not exceed the established by the Carrier free baggage allowance. In case of exceeding the established norms of free baggage allowance on the number of pieces of luggage, payment for transportation is carried out on tariffs for excess baggage.
  • Armed officers of the Federal Security Service, the State Courier Service of Russia and the Intergovernmental Courier Communications, located at the office, in the presence of the relevant certificates and travel documents of the established sample, weapons for temporary storage during the flight is not transmitted.
  • Crossbows, underwater guns, swords, sabers, broadswords, scimitars, cutlasses, swords, swords, bayonets, daggers, knives: hunting, knifes with flick knives with latched locks, replicas of any types of weapons carried in the passenger cabin of aircraft is prohibited. Transportation is only permitted in checked baggage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft.
  • Ammunition for gas guns and gas canisters filled with nerve and tear strength etc., are prohibited for carriage by air transport.
  • Simulators of weapons (pistols, revolvers, rifles, carbines, machine guns, electroshock devices, etc.) carried in the cabin of aircraft is prohibited.
  • Passengers are authorized to carry firearms on board the aircraft, before passing inspection procedures inform the security personnel at the airport that there are standard-issue firearm.

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