Pregnant women

The need of prior consent

When buying a ticket and reserving a seat the travel of pregnant women, women after childbirth or newborn babies must be pre-agreed with the airline.

A pregnant woman decides independently whether she is able to travel by air and considers the possible risks to her health or the health of a (future or newborn) child, based on the state of her or her baby`s health during the travel by air.

Not recommended on board of Severstal Avia flights:

  • pregnant women – with pregnancy over 32 weeks;
  • women in the last 7 days before and the first 7 days after delivery;
  • newborns are only accepted on board over the age of 7 days and accompanied by the mother, father or another passenger, responsible for the baby.

The procedure of travel documents execution for pregnant women, women after delivery and newborns:

Based on the information provided orally by a pregnant passenger upon registration with a pregnancy under 26 weeks it is necessary that the passenger completes and signs the application for the airline's liability release in case of pregnant women carriage.

In this case, that it has a certificate from the attending physician about pregnancy and health status is not required.
If the pregnancy the passenger, it stated during the registration is from 26 weeks to 32 weeks, inclusive, passenger of necessary personally complete and sign the above statement on the release of the airline's liability for the carriage of pregnant women, as well as to provide further information on pregnancy and state of health.

This certificate must be issued in a medical institution and stamped by the attending (the practitioner) passenger doctor. The certificate is required to provide information regarding pregnancy, its form (single or Multiple) character of the course (normal, complex), absence of pathologies of pregnancy and the risks do not permit the possibility of its air transport.
When you register for the carriage of the newborn need to provide a birth certificate (reference maternity hospital). Medical health certificate child over the age of 7 days of life is required.

It is forbidden to transport pregnant women whose physical or mental condition does not allow them to move quickly (in case the need arises) to have an emergency exit row and placements rescue Sun equipment.

Do not forget that the flight can negatively affect the health of the mother and child. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk and your baby - before you go consult your doctor and consider its recommendations. Make sure that in your hand luggage had everything needed for a comfortable flight. Come to the airport in good time, without haste to go through all the formalities.