24-hour chargeable carpark

Cherepovets Airport has a 24-hour car-park. You can park your car for the duration of your trip.

The parking procedure

To enter the carpark::

  • Drive to the entrance terminal, press the button and take the parking card;
  • After the gate arm has opened, drive to the carpark and park your car onto one of the vacant parking lots, strictly following the marking, road signs and pointers;

Keep the parking card until you leave the carpark.

To leave the carpark::

  • Pay the received service in the carpark cash terminal according to the data from the parking card;
  • Drive to the carpark checkout terminal and insert the parking card;
  • If the service has been paid the gate arm will open provided that you checkout not later than 30 minutes after the payment;

Period of the stay of your vehicle in the carpark area from the moment you have received a parking card is considered as the conclusion of a public contract between LLC “Severstal “Aircompany” and You for the provision of chargeable services for the vehicle temporary accommodation in the carpark area and thus confirms your agreement with the Rules for Use the Carpark.

Car-park fee:
1 day * - 200 rub
* The fee is charged in full for one calendar day of parking, regardless of the parking duration.
To park your car please call:
+7 (8202) 675-217

For well-timed payment, parking your car and checking-in for a flight, we kindly ask you to arrive at the airport in advance.

Access to the terminal (for pick-up and drop-off):

For the fast (1-2 minutes) passenger pick-up and drop-off you can drive directly to the terminal entrance area. Parking in the Cherepovets Airport entrance area is strictly prohibited.

The right for free of charge car-park service is provided for people with disability groups I and II and for those driving special vehicles for disabled people, participants and disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War upon presentation of an appropriate certificate. The right to use the car-park free of charge is also provided for drivers carrying people with disability groups I or II or children with disabilities, as well as participants and disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War if the parking duration is no longer than 3 hours.

Please note that stopping and parking along the roadsides and driveways are strictly prohibited. Please study the Driving Regulations.