Cargo transportation

Advantages of cargo air transportation:

  • Cargo air transportation is the fastest and the most convenient type of shipping services.
  • Cargo air transportation is irreplaceable in case you need an urgent and delicate cargo delivery.
  • Cargo air transportation is the safest and most convenient type of delivery.

Cargo agents:



Contact Information
(Air cargo sales point address)

Phone / fax / e-mail


Cherepovets Airport

Vologda region, Cherepovets district,
Botovo village, AIRPORT

+7 (8202) 675-211,


«Aerodom-Cargo» LLC

MO, Domodedovo airport,
7/2, office 28.

+7 (495) 545 06 93

St. Petersburg

«Transsair-Service» LLC

St. Petersburg,
Pulkovskoe highway, 37/4, of. 3060

+7 (812) 324-32-62/63
+7 (812) 324-32-64

Requirements for cargo packing:

  1. Goods transported by air must be securely packed and wrapped in accordance with current standards and specifications. If cargo packing and wrapping standards and technical conditions have not been established, cargo should be securely packed, ensuring the possibility of its reliable lashing and safe transportation. Other types of goods, equipment, etc., as agreed with the carrier, can be transported without packing.
  2. Packing and wrapping of cargo transported by air must be dry and clean, the goods should not have sharp edges, protrusions and other things that could contaminate or damage the aircraft stowage areas and equipment, as well as baggage and mail.
  3. Metal, glass, ceramic, wooden, plastic and other containers where liquid and other goods are packed for air transportation must withstand internal overpressure depending on altitude and temperature and fully guarantee against leakage, spillage or disintegration of contents.
  4. Packing and wrapping of cargo pieces intended for air transportation with declared value must be sealed. Seals should be standard and have clear stamps of digital or alphabetic images. Cargo sealing information and designations of transportation seals are specified in the cargo airway bill.

Recommended parameters for one piece of cargo:

  • No more than 50 * 50 * 80 cm in size;
  • No more than 80 kg in weight.

NOT accepted for transportation:

  • Dangerous goods;
  • If cargo packing and wrapping does not meet the above mentioned requirements;
  • If cargo creates danger for passengers and crew of an aircraft during transportation as well as for baggage and other cargo transported on the same aircraft;
  • Cargo weight exceeds 80 kg / Cargo length is more than 190 cm.