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  • Where to find the schedule?
    The information on the timetable along the route is available here
  • Where can I buy a ticket of your company?
    Air tickets of Severstal-Avia can be purchased at the Cashier`s Window of Cherepovets Airport, at your city/town's ticket offices, on third-party search-websites, or on the official Severstal-Avia website. When purchasing tickets on third-party search-websites and at ticket offices, additional agency fees are charged.
  • What is an e-ticket?
    An electronic ticket will save your time both when purchasing it and when performing a flight, it can not be forgotten, lost or stolen. When booking a ticket of Severstal-Avia and paying it by a bank card, an e-ticket is issued automatically. As a confirmation of the ticket purchase, you`ll be sent an itinerary receipt on your e-mail. The itinerary receipt contains full information about the route, the carriage payment method and details, conditions of the carriage, etc., like a paper ticket. We recommend that you take it with you and keep it until the end of the trip. Check-in at the airport is carried out on by your Identity Documents (Passport for adult passengers and Birth Certificate for children). Personal data of the passenger must correspond with the data specified in the electronic ticket. During check-in at the airport, the passenger is issued a boarding pass and baggage tags (when the baggage is registered under the responsibility of the carrier). Duplicates of boarding passes are not issued. It is necessary to keep boarding passes (a part of it which is given back during embarkation) until the end of the trip.
  • What information do you need to book a ticket?
    For booking a ticket you only need to know: 1. The name of the passenger, the date of his birth; 2. Identity Document you are going to fly with (for children - Birth Certificate), the validity period of the document; 3. E-mail address the itinerary-receipt will be sent to; 4. Phone number for notification in case of flight time change.
  • What is CVC (CVV), and where can I find it when paying for a flight with a bank card?
    CVC (CVV) is an abbreviation of the Card Verification Code (Card Validation Value). This is a number printed on the card, by entering which you confirm that the one who pays physically owns the card. Entering CVC (CVV) is necessary to reduce the risks of customers. On the cards of the most popular payment systems CVC is located on the customer signature strip and consists of 3 digits. It may also be located next to the full card number or the last 4 digits of the card number.
  • How is the purchase of an e-ticket confirmed?
    As a confirmation of the fact of purchasing an electronic ticket an itinerary receipt is issued. If you bought a ticket on the website, after paying for the ticket, you will receive an itinerary receipt on your e-mail. You can always compare the data of your purchase on the itinerary receipt with what you really wanted. The itinerary receipt contains full information about the route, the carriage payment method and details. We recommend that you have it with you throughout the trip.
  • What do I need for check-in at the airport if I have an e-ticket?
    To check-in at the airport you need to have an adult Passport and a Birth Certificate for children anyway. An itinerary receipt is convenient in the way that it contains all the flight data, it is recommended to have it at the airport, although it is not necessary for check-in. During check-in at the airport, the passenger is issued a boarding pass and baggage tags (when the luggage is registered under the responsibility of the carrier). Duplicates of boarding passes are not issued. It is necessary to keep boarding passes (a part of it which is given back during embarkation) until the end of the trip.
  • How do I account to my employer for a business trip?
    Documents for a business trip report, according to the letter No. 03-03-06 / 4/99 of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation dated July 17, 2007, are: an itinerary receipt of an electronic ticket, and necessarily originals of boarding passes. Be careful! Duplicates of boarding passes are not issued, keep the boarding passes (a part of it which is given back during embarkation) until the end of the trip. If you still have lost a boarding pass, you can apply for a Flight Certificate (a fee is charged), see the section "Flight Documents".
  • How much baggage can I carry free of charge?
    The free baggage allowance is indicated in your itinerary receipt. You can also find information about the norms of free baggage allowance in the section "Baggage and carry-on baggage" Excessive or oversized baggage is paid during check-in at the airport.
  • How much baggage can I carry in the cabin?
    The weight of carry-on baggage should not exceed 5 kg, with its dimensions not exceeding 55х40х20 cm (length x height x width).
  • What can be transported above the established free baggage allowance without charging an additional fee?
    Above the free baggage allowance determined by the airline, passengers can carry the following items free of charge, if they are in the hands of a passenger and not put into the baggage: suitcase plastic bag bouquet of flowers handbag or paper-folder magazines, newspapers, books umbrella or walking cane outerwear baby nutrition carrycot foldable wheelchair and / or crutches, if these items are necessary for the passenger carrycot, wheelchair and crutches may be carried in the hold of an aircraft.
  • My baggage is lost, what do I do?
    First of all, you must contact the airport staff and find out where the baggage tracing service is located. Fill out the application for baggage non-arrival or damage. This application is the basis to take measures to find the baggage. Give as much of your contact information as possible.
  • Who is the “Pension” fare aimed at?
    The "Pension" fare is available for passengers aged 55 and over by the time of a flight only if a Pension Certificate is provided. The number of seats according to this fare is limited.
  • How can I transport a pet on Severstal-Avia flights?
    With the permission and prior approval of the Airline it is allowed to carry pets in the passenger cabin of an aircraft. Animal carriage is charged. On Severstal-Avia flights only animals weighing not more than 5 kg (including the weight of a carrier\cage) are accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin, the dimensions of the carrier\cage must not exceed 55 * 40 * 20 cm. Pets exceeding this weight are transported in the hold as checked-in baggage. More details about pet transportation on Severstal-Avia flights see the section "Pets".
  • Do I have to transport an animal in a carrier?
    When transporting a pet in the passenger cabin or in the hold of an aircraft, it must be placed in a carrier (cage) of a sufficient size with the air access. The bottom of the carrier (cage) should be waterproof and covered with absorbent material.
  • What documents for an animal transportation do I need to have?
    A passenger traveling with a pet must have a valid Vet Certificate (Certificates) issued by the competent authorities in the field of health care and show it when checking-in for a flight. Vet Certificate form No. 1 from the veterinary clinic is required (the Certificate is valid up to 3 days).
  • Where can I find the schedule?
    Information about the route schedule can be found here.
  • Where can I find out the ticket price?
    You can either find the air ticket price in the section "Buy a ticket" by filling out the form, or call the Severstal-Avia Booking Department: +7 (8202) 675 226, +7 (8202) 646 401. Be ready to say the direction and the date of departure (approximate date range) of the planned flight, and also to inform about special carriage conditions if any (unaccompanied child / flight with an animal / pensioner over 55 years old, etc.). Severstal does not provide information about ticket prices and seat availability on the flights of other airlines.
  • Do you provide discounts for air tickets for children aged 2 to 12 years?
    On regular flights of our Airline a child aged 2 to 12 years is given a discount in the amount of 20% to 50%, depending on the direction and the selected fare. Infants under 2 years old travel free of charge, on some destinations 90% discount from the adult fare is provided.
  • Why is the seat not specified in the ticket?
    The Severstal-Avia tickets sale is conducted with no reference to seat locations. The seat location will be shown in your boarding pass at check-in. You can pass online check-in on our company`s website, or express your wishes concerning seat location during the flight (on a certain seat, at the window, etc.) to the check-in agent at the airport.
  • How can I get to Cherepovets airport?
    On private transport (we have a parking at the airport) or by taxi. Unfortunately, there is no regular shuttle bus to Cherepovets airport at the moment, but the work in this direction is in progress.
  • Why do I fail to pass online check-in?
    You can check-in for a flight on our website if: • the flight departs from the following airports: Apatity, Pulkovo, Domodedovo, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Cherepovets; online check-in is not available in case the flight departs from other airports. • you started to check-in no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 4 hours before the flight departure; • the data entered by you into the online check-in form (name, ticket number or PNR, flight number, departure date) corresponds with the data in your itinerary receipt. If you still fail to check-in for a flight, please contact us +7 (8202) 675 211.
  • What time before the flight departure does check-in start and close?
    On Severstal-Avia domestic flights check-in starts 1 hour 30 minutes and closes 40 minutes before the flight departure. On international flights it starts 2 hours and closes 1 hour before the flight departure.
  • What is the difference between business and economy class services?
    If you have purchased a business class ticket, you will additionally be provided with the following services: • Service in the business hall; • Improved meals on board an aircraft; • Seating in the business class section of the passenger compartment; • Increased free baggage allowance (depends on destination).
  • Can unaccompanied children travel on your flights?
    Severstal-Avia allows the air carriage of unaccompanied children aged between 5 and 12 years only after the parents or guardians had filled in and signed the application for an unaccompanied minor`s travel, which you can get at the departure airport or download on our website in the section "Children". Unaccompanied children are only accepted on board after the travel request had been confirmed by the Airline. The unaccompanied children travel is charged 100% of the adult fare. The airline provides a child with a separate seat in the passenger compartment with free baggage allowance according to the applied fare rate.
  • I`m 15 years old. Can I fly alone?
    Passengers over 12 years old can travel without an accompanying person. The ticket is issued as for a regular adult passenger, there is no need to take any additional actions.
  • Does Cherepovets airport work at night?
    Cherepovets airport accepts aircraft around the clock, but the terminal building can be closed at night if there are no flights.
  • Where can I stay overnight at the airport?
    There is a “Sky Park” hotel near the airport . You are always welcome there.