Pets carriage regulations:

  • for the animals / birds carriage passenger must provide the necessary documents stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, international treaties and the laws of the country the pet is carried to or from. For the carriage within the Russian Federation Vet Certificate form №1 is required;

  • an animal must be accompanied by an adult passenger with a valid ticket;

  • an animal must be transported in a carrier / cage appropriate to its size and weight and have sufficient air access. The bottom of the carrier / cage must be waterproof and covered with absorbent materials, and the door should be locked. Perimeter of the bottom must be surrounded by a solid fence excluding spillage of the absorbent material. The bird cage should be covered with a dense lightproof tissue;

  • the animal / bird carriage service is paid as for the actual weight of the animal including the weight of the carrier/cage according to the appropriate rate of the excess baggage.

Обязательно проинформируйте Авиапредприятие о планируемой перевозке животного/птицы одним из следующих способов

1. При покупке билета в агентстве или отделе бронирования компании – сообщите информацию агенту по бронированию.

2. При покупке билета на сайте направьте заявку на согласование перевозки, заполнив форму.

Заполнить форму
  • Pet in the cabin

    The carriage in the cabin, as a rule, is only allowed for one pet / bird in a cage. The weight of the animal / bird with a carrier/cage must not exceed 5 kg. Maximum measurements (the sum of length + width + height) of the carrier/cage must not exceed 115 cm.
    An animal must stay inside a carrier/cage during the whole flight if transported in the cabin.
    Passengers with animals must not be placed in the seats next to the emergency exits. Do not forget to bring your veterinary first aid kit.

  • Animals in the cargo hold

    If the animal`s weight including a carrier/cage is greater than 5 kg, the animal can only travel in the cargo hold. To be transported in the cargo hold the animal/bird must be in a carrier/cage of an appropriate design and material to protect the animal/bird from injury during transportation:

    • The carrier/cage must be made of shock-resistant and secure material, and must have air vents to ensure sufficient air access;
    • The inner surface of the carrier/cage must have a smooth rounded surface, preventing the animal from injury during transportation;
    • The bottom of the carrier/cage must be tight, waterproof and covered with absorbent, non-toxic material. The carrier/cage design should prevent spillage of the absorbent material;
    • The carrier/cage must be securely locked to prevent its accidental opening or unauthorized access to the animal during the flight;
    • The carrier/cage must be equipped with handles for lifting and carrying it.
  • Animals on international flights

    Please note that a number of countries have specific regulations for bringing animals into or out of the country. To find out the necessary information about the regulations prior to your flight go to the website of the Head Office of the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Federal Service.

    We recommend that you contact the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service well prior to the departure time:
    Cherepovets, Lenin street, 80, office 114, tel. (8202) 57-45-11;
    Vologda, Pobeda Avenue, 33, tel. (88172) 72-67-35, 72-67-25.

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